Gardening for Beginners – Blog Five

What to plant in autumn to add colour to your garden

It has been a while since I wrote a blog as I’ve been so busy working in gardens so today’s blog is about which plants to choose to add some instant colour on these cold and wet days.

With Christmas only two months away, there are firm favourites which signal the arrival of the festive season and add a touch of glamour to your garden.

First up are my favourites Hellebores. I especially like them in white as they add a touch class and sophistication to any garden and match well with any type of green leaves. They also tolerate shade and drought conditions really well.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 08.50.27

Secondly are the old stalwarts that are cyclamens. Cyclamens are available in a whole host of different sizes and colours (you can see pink and white options in the picture). They are great for adding instant impact. Another fabulous plant to add some extra seasonal glamour is Caleophalus brownii which is a silver bedding plant.


Another great winter plant is heather which is available in a whole host of different colours. Heathers like sun to partial shade and tend to be quite long lasting.


Finally, I would recommend Dogwood whose leaves turn from green to red in autumn and add a lovely red glow to your garden.

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 15.32.03

Enjoy gardening this month and please do email Boxing Beautiful for a free quotation if you need help transforming your garden.