Gardening for beginners: Lipstick gardening during the coronavirus

With everyone confined to their houses at the moment, there is a huge increase in the numbers of people gardening and who are, in particular, enjoying lipstick gardening.

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But what exactly is lipstick gardening?

Lipstick gardening is when people look for the quickest way to boost their garden’s looks. This concept is taken from the war when wearing red lipstick was seen as a symbol of patriotism and defying the hard times going on around them. Sound familiar?

There is also a Lipstick plant, Latin name Aeschynanthus radicans, which symbolises this idea and is in fact a really cool indoor house plant with flowers like small lipsticks.

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So how do I do lipstick gardening in my garden?

A great way to add colour is to add pots and planters with great colours and lovely ceramics. There is lots of choice of containers including ceramics, stone or terracotta and the container can lift your mood almost as much as the plant.

If you have lots of herbaceous perennials make sure to cut them back which will give them a new lease of life. Hanging baskets are also a great way to add some mood boosting colour into your garden. Plus make sure to regularly prune climbing and rambling roses so they give you repeat flowering.

 Which plants to choose to give your garden a red pop of colour?

Red is a great colour to add some brightness in these uncertain times. Some lovely flowering annuals include Nicotianas, Petunias, Celosias, Salvias and Geraniums.

While beautiful red shrubs include Rhododendrons, Photinias, Pieris Japonica, Hebes, Pyracanthas and Cotoneasters.

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